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Chambre Avec Vue – Bead & Breakfast Saignon, France

Chambre Avec Vue

We’ve passed on the torch…

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Once upon a time…

All good stories begin this way, as did the story of ‘Chambre avec Vue’.

We had no idea that our adventure of combining art and hospitality would last 23 years.

Now, we are pleased to announce that we have entrusted the keys of the house to Bénédicte and Kristof Lamberigts, who will pursue the residency of writers, musicians and artists with the continued collaboration of the Kamila Regent Gallery.


Pierre & Kamilla

Art Gallery

When you visit Chambre Avec Vue you become a patron of the art that surrounds you. Art on display in the house are the creative output of artists in residence, curated and displayed by Kamila and Pierre. All pieces may be purchased.

For more information, please visit https://www.kamilaregentgalerie.com/ or contact us below.

Art Residency

Chambre Avec Vue is a also a privately initiated residency for artists and writers. Since 1993 we have invited Artists to come to our house and create pieces that live in our house and in your room.

Thanks to our collectors and B&B clients we’ve developed a unique independent, philanthropic activity where everyone can share a space and interest for Art.

Residencies 2017
Estelle Jourdain, Pascal Thevenet, Sara Wilson, Adrien Sina, Veit Stratmann, Jean-Marie Krauth, Leo Baron, Elisabeth Clément, Pascal Thevenet, Silvia Gigliodoro,

Residencies 2016
Marie Denis, Amadou Camara Gueye, Rafael Garrdo, Joanna Staniszkis, Luc Doerflinger, Daniel Horowitz, Serge Valletti​, Veit Stratmann,
Sarah Wilson, Jennifer Mundy

Residencies since 1993
Violaine Laveaux, Stef Driesen, Marie Denis, Marcus Kreiss, Jacques Vieille, Isa Barbier, Catherine Bret-Brownstone, Frédérique Nalbandian, Ramon Enrich, William Petty, Stéphane Lambert, “Les Autostoppeuses”, Rébécca François, Eve Pietruschi, Françoise Vadon, Yaron Lapid, Paula Tsai, Aurélia Jaubert, Françoise Pétrovitch, Hérve Plumet, Sagia Bassaid, Renee Mennen, Ghislaine Portalis, Christine Crozat, Laurent Lacotte…

Contact Us

If you would like to contact us, you can call us or email us using the form below.

Our phone number is: +33 4 90 04 85 01


28 Rue Bourgades, Saignon

France, 84400