Chambre Avec Vue is a privately initiated residency for artists and writers as well as a gallery. Thanks to our collectors and B&B clients we’ve developed a unique independent, philanthropic activity where everyone can share a space and interest for Art.

You will encounter art from all around the world in this little hidden place in Provence and can purchase anything you see through the Gallery Kamila Regent.

You will encounter art “in transit” (pieces on sale) as well as the collection “in situ” which is the core of the house and participates to a unique gallery activity allowing people to also become philanthropist and experience the presence of the artists creating in their home.


Bill Culbert
Pip Culbert
Marcus Kreiss
Jolaine Meyer
Michèle Gignoux
Frédérique Nalbandian
Michel Mouffe
Andrzej Wrona
Ryszard Grzyb
Wlodzimierz Pawlak
Mariusz Kruk
Tomasz Ciecierski
Gérald Dederen
Koen Theys
Paola Lo Sciuto
Raphaëlle Paupert-Borne
Françoise Vadon

Krzystof Gliszczynski
Adrien Sina
Ramon Enrich
Frank Morzuch
Veit Stratmann
Christian Laudy
Françoise Pétrovitch
Pierre Thorelle
Eizo Sakata
Paul Stapleton
Marie-France & Patricia Martin
Monika Kulicka
Joanna Przybyla
Marie Ducaté
Jean-Pierre Braz
Jean-Luc Bichaud

Ghislain Portalis
Renee Mennen
Luc Doerflinger
Bernard Pourrière
Lena Von Lepchina
Raoul Hébréard
Françoise Vadon
Sophie Menuet
Isa Barbier
Didier Tisseyre
Gabriel Dubois
Betty Bui
Luc Doerflinger
Stéphan Goldrajch
Piotr Klemensiewicz
Raoul Hébréard
Paul & Monika Wollenberg


The collection In-Situ is what makes Chambre avec vue unique in the fields of art and galleries. During their residency, some artists have used the walls as a canvas, creating works that become part of the house forever. Our visitors are able to purchase these pieces, engaging him/her into a unique protocol.

The idea behind In-Situ is that by purchasing a piece from the collection, you purchase an encounter with the artist who will live and create that piece in your own space.  The artist will draw inspiration from your personal space, creating a work of art inspired by the original, but unique to you.

Like chambre avec vue, you start your own little philanthropic activity.