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Bed & Breakfast

Kamila Regent and Pierre Jaccaud opened this Bed & Breakfast in 1993. Mediterranean hospitality is at the heart of Chambre Avec Vue, sharing the beauty, ambience and friendship that live in this house…

Art Gallery

When you stay here, you become a patron of the art that surrounds you. Art on display in the house are the creative output of artists in residence, curated and displayed by Kamila and Pierre. All pieces may be purchased through the Gallery Kamila Regent.

Art Residency

Chambre Avec Vue is a also a privately initiated residency for artists and writers. Thanks to our collectors and B&B clients we’ve developed a unique independent, philanthropic activity where everyone can share a space and interest for Art.

  • Double
  • 90-120per night
    • 2 people
    • breakfast included

  • Suite
  • 110-140per night
    • 2 people
    • breakfast included