Violaine Laveaux

May 10th, 2022 – June 30th, 2022

The room of sources

Or the idea of making a pact with the nature of things…
Drawing is a practice that requires the abandonment of the hand in favour of the tracing of intentions. From this comes designs that are the fruit of a mastery of associations, of formal links revealing a leaping hare, a hand with slender fingers, or two hands holding a dowsing rod… Violaine Laveaux, as a shaman artist, masters the picking of roses, which she makes her own to create her intimate visions with the delicacy of a seamstress. In the “room of sources”, on the walls, the plant works activate the space like talismans.

In ‘Chambre avec vue’, the artist has set up two Easter tables on which are accumulated the elements of a scattered memory, the wording of which recalls the literature of George Pérec: wolf’s head, glove, raven, strawberry, Magnolia button, sandals, found objects… metamorphosed into artefacts of spells.In these shady times, Violaine Laveaux’s approach takes us by the hand into an enchanted skein that heals our intimate wounds.
Pierre Jaccaud

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